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Gorsuch is wanted on charges of Escape from Community Custody by Washington State Department of Corrections and Failure to Appear for Pre Trail in Benton County. Her original charges are for Possession of Controlled Substance and Attempting to Elude Pursuing Police Vehicle.
Wanted as of 2017/07/26
Name: Gorsuch, Jolene Ray
Alias: JoJo
Gender: Female   Race: Causasian
DOB: 1982/01/18   Age: 35
Height: 5ft0in   Weight: 160
Hair:  Brown   Eyes: Green
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: star and Skull on
Last Known Address:  Kennewick, WA
Wanted By: Kennewick
Rendering Criminal Assistance 1st & Escape from Community Custody
Wanted as of 2017/07/20
Name: Gonzalez, Victor M
Alias: "Cholo"
Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic
DOB: 1988/09/09   Age: 29
Height: 5ft0in   Weight: 145
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: "Gonzalez" on his back; "Dummie Boyz" on upper right arm.
Last Known Address: Transient, Walla Walla & Tri Cities
Wanted By: Kennewick PD & WA state DOC
Escape from Community Custody- Original Charge of Possession of Controlled Substance
Wanted as of 2017/07/13
Name: Dickerson, Jr, Charles Lee
Alias: "Small Man"; Charles Kinsey
Gender: Male   Race: Black
DOB: 1982/06/14   Age: 35
Height: 5ft7in   Weight: 210
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: Numerous on his face, neck and arms
Wanted By: Washington State Dept of Corrections
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Rape of a Child 1st Degree (2 counts); Attempted Rape of a Child 1st Degree
Wanted as of 2017/06/26
Name: Rincon-Esparza, Alberto
Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic
DOB: 1967/04/07   Age: 50
Height: 5ft 8in   Weight: 175 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Rincon-Esparza, Alberto.pdf
Felony Washington State Department of Corrections Warrant for Escape from Community Custody. Original Charge: Burglary 1st Degree
Wanted as of 2017/05/17
Name: King, William Roscoe
Gender: Male   Race: Black
DOB: 1977/01/04   Age: 40
Height: 6ft 3in   Weight: 195 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
King, William R(1).pdf
Two Counts Child Molestation 1st Degree Two counts Child Molestation 3rd Degree
Wanted as of 2017/04/27
Name: Rodriguez-Martinez, Ivan
Alias: Ivan Martinez; Ivan Rodriguez
Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic
DOB: 1979/05/19   Age: 38
Height: 5ft 2in   Weight: 150 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Rodriguez-Martinez, Ivan(1).pdf
Contempt of Court Failure to Appear for Revocation Hearing
Wanted as of 2017/04/17
Name: Garcia, Rey Dejesus
Alias: "Scrappy" "Scrappy Loco"
Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic
DOB: 1994/07/11   Age: 23
Height: 5ft 9in   Weight: 180 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Garcia, Rey D.pdf
Failure to Register as Sex Offender
Wanted as of 2017/03/02
Name: Leighty, Brandon L
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 1997/03/19   Age: 20
Height: 6ft 0in   Weight: 175 lbs
Hair:  Brown   Eyes: Blue
Leighty, Brandon L.pdf
Escape Community Custody, Robbery & Possession of Stolen Vehicle
Wanted as of 2017/02/06
Name: Edwards, Marquis Paris
Gender: Male   Race: Black
DOB: 1991/08/17   Age: 26
Height: 6ft 1in   Weight: 175 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Edwards Marquis P.pdf
2 counts Burglary 2nd Degree
Wanted as of 2017/02/08
Name: Medina, Erik Alberto
Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic
DOB: 1991/09/21   Age: 26
Height: 5ft 4in   Weight: 125 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Medina, Erik A.pdf
Failure to Appear for Harassment & Stolen Property Trafficking
Wanted as of 2017/01/26
Name: Dickerson, Traybion Tyree
Gender: Male   Race: Black
DOB: 1991/05/27   Age: 26
Height: 5ft 7in   Weight: 190 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Dickerson, Traybion T.pdf
Federal Probation Violation
Wanted as of 2017/01/19
Name: Valdez, Eriberto
Alias: "Monster"
Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic
DOB: 1989/07/05   Age: 28
Height: 5ft 8in   Weight: 105 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Valdez, Eriberto(1).pdf
2 counts Rape of a Child 1st with aggravating circumstances
Wanted as of 2017/01/05
Name: Nicol, William G
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 1937/07/07   Age: 80
Height: 5ft 10in   Weight: 155 lbs
Hair:  White   Eyes: Blue

Nicol, William G.pdf

Identity Theft 2nd Degree
Wanted as of 2016/11/23
Name: Richman, Anthony R
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 1985/11/19   Age: 32
Height: 5ft 7in   Weight: 250 lbs
Hair:  Brown   Eyes: Blue
Richman, Anthony R.pdf
Escape 2nd Degree
Wanted as of 2016/11/14
Name: Moon, Christopher D
Alias: Christopher D Anderson; Christopher D Johnson
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 1961/12/05   Age: 56
Height: 6ft 0in   Weight: 160 lbs
Hair:  Brown   Eyes: Hazel
Moon, Christopher.pdf
Escape from Community Custody & Failure to Appear for Show Cause Hearing- Original Charges include Tampering with a Witness; Criminal Conspiracy and Criminal Assistance.
Wanted as of 2016/11/10
Name: Balderas, Zeferino A
Alias: "Shrek"
Gender: Female   Race: Hispanic
DOB: 1986/06/28   Age: 31
Height: 5ft 11in   Weight: 280 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Black
Balderas, Zaferino A.pdf
Child molestation 1st, also holds 5 other felony warrants
Wanted as of 2016/10/11
Name: Vallejo Jr., Noe
Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic
DOB: 1977/09/16   Age: 40
Height: 5ft 11in   Weight: 220 lbs
Hair:  Unknown   Eyes: Unknown
Vallejo Jr, Noe.pdf
Child Molestation 1st degree
Wanted as of 2016/09/19
Name: Velazquez, Gabriel Antonio
Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic
DOB: 1960/02/28   Age: 57
Height: 5ft 7in   Weight: 180 lbs
Hair:  Brown   Eyes: Green
Velazquez, Gabriel A.pdf
Failure to Appear- Original Charges Possession of MDMA; Assault 3rd; Escape 3rd; Assault DV
Wanted as of 2016/08/03
Name: Mccowan III, Troy A
Gender: Male   Race: Black
DOB: 1990/01/30   Age: 27
Height: 6ft 3in   Weight: 190 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
McCowan III, Troy A.pdf
Child Molestation 1st & 2nd degree
Wanted as of 2016/07/25
Name: Hernandez, Refugio Palma
Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic
DOB: 1973/07/04   Age: 44
Height: 5ft 6in   Weight: 160 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Hernandez, Refugio P.pdf
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